LEJOG – Final Thoughts

I have to start by apologising for the format of this post. I’m typing this on my iPhone and the app is just not good enough to create and edit posts on the go.

So….I started this whole adventure back in October and can’t believe it’s arrived. Out of the ashes of a pretty shitty period of my life came a decision to change things. I no longer wanted to sit behind a desk working 9-5. I wanted a job I enjoyed and made me happy. I set out a rough plan and how to achieve it, which helped me focus.

I would improve or learn new skills, get outside more and start on the path to getting my Mountain Leader qualification. The plan has evolved through time but the end goal has remained the same.

Being an introvert, I also wanted to challenge myself and get out my comfort zone. Then I came up with the idea to walk from Lands End to John O’Groats.

Peoples reaction was mixed but mostly “are you crazy?” Over time they soon realised I was serious and it was the right thing for me. I wanted a challenge and walking 1,300 miles up the country would be that.

I then threw in some training walks. The Yorkshire Three Peaks, Hadrians Wall and Reivers Way. I had planned on walking the Coast to Coast but injury and common sense put an end to that.

All the while I was planning these things, I was working on other things. Learning to kayak, climb and scrambling. Attending various courses, getting out, meeting people and making new friends. Rather than continue to shut myself down I put myself out there and have enjoyed every minute.

When I’m outdoors my heart fills up, my head becomes clear and I breath in clear air. I’m consumed with what I’m doing and where I am. In awe of nature and what the outdoors has to offer to life, my life.

I admit I feel a little nervous but my excitement is keeping any fear away. A whole new world is opening up in many ways. In the next few months I’ll learn more about myself mentally and physically and get a whole new outlook on life. I might also go a little crazy.

When this adventure is all done and real life sets in I already have so much to look forward to. I’ve made sure the post-adventure blues wont kick in.

I know I’ll have to find another 9-5 for a while to fund the next stage but come next year I’m gunning for my ML and spending more time in the mountains. I have a few ideas for shorter adventures but nothing on this scale. And also the blossoming of a new relationship which is an adventure in itself. All these things I’m excited for.

So this is it. Wish me luck. X


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